Thursday, April 12, 2018

weekly blog

Math- in math we measured area and perimeters.we also learned how to do multiplication of fractions, for example: I learned that 1/2 x 1/2 =1/4 the division sign (:) is the same as groups of, witch means that half a group of half is one fourth. now I wonder how to do multiplication of decimals, I also wonder how to measure the area of a triangle. in math we also did a unicorn problem, we had to make the unicorn a bigger fence using only 30 meters as a perimeter.

literacy- in literacy we write  a response to our music concert.we learned the purpose of a response text witch is to share your opinion about a random topic. now I wonder what other type of writing that we didn't learn yet there is, I also wonder what type of writing that we've learned this year is going to be the most useful in middle and high school.

U.O.I- in U.O.I this week we had meetings with specialists integration. they helped us with our progress during our exhibition. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

this week

this week a new student joined our class, his name is Gangmo.
we wrote a discussion essay, we solved a mean average problem and drew our home country's government system.  we always had something to do I think this week had to much stuff.

literacy: my discussion essay's title is "is communism better than capitalism?".
we also read biographies, I read about Anne frank, a Jewish girl who lived during world war 2.

math: here is a picture of my work:

Thursday, January 18, 2018

class government system

this week we voted a government system, we all voted for democracy... Graham is president and Mika is prime minister.

I think democracy is the best because the citizens get to vote on the rules, on who's gonna rule and everything basically.I think that if it was anarchy everything would be a mess, if it was monarchy the citizens might not agree on every decision the monarch/king makes and think it's unfair, if it was dictatorship it would be like a normal day witch means we don't get to decide on anything.

I wonder if we had a different president

Thursday, January 11, 2018

government opinion

this week we learned about different types of government like monarchy, anarchy, dictatorship and democracy.

 A monarchy means a type of government. where there is a royal ruling.
our king was xavier. I think that our monarchy was successful because we all did what the king wanted us to do.

anarchy is when there is nobody in charge.
there were no rules from 08:10 to 13:15 and we did whatever we wanted or thought was right.
I think we could have done better because everything was a mess.

if i could rate our dictatorship 1-5 i would say 5 because there was only one person in charge and every thing went well and there wasn't a mess. I think that dictatorship is kind of like monarchy because there is one person in charge and everybody did what he said.

democracy is a system of government where the people get to chose who's going to rule them.
I like democracy the best because we get to chose what to do but there is no mess.

today we got to chose which kind of government we wanted to be part of.


in math class we learned how to use partial quotients here is a photo of what we are working on:

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

in Vietnamese class we wrote a story  pleas click HERE to see it.

Friday, December 1, 2017

this week

This week we learned about bio gas, we made information report and we did a math problem by using measurements of the old drink kool-aid.

someone explained to us what is bio gas and how dose it work...

me and my friend made a information report about biomass.

the math was fun and challenging...

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Stars on Monday

Once, a few years ago there was a boy named Shon.  Shon loved his dad. They did everything together.  Every Monday night they would sit on a chair outside and look at the stars.
On one sunny day when Shon was at school his teacher wanted to talk to him, she looked worried, she cleared her throat.
“ Shon, your dad, something happened,”  said his teacher.  
Now Shon looked worried to.
She stopped the tears.
“ A horrible thing, no one knows how… he is gone.” she said.
Then Shon started to cry, the teacher hugged him. Now the sky wasn’t sunny, it was raining.
On Monday, a few days later, at school, Shon he started to cry again.he  remembered that he and his dad were suppose to watch the stars tonight, at that same night he went outside, this time only with one chair, he watched the stars.
“ how, where, why? “ he wondered to himself...
A few minutes later his mom went outside,she hugged him and they looked at the stars together…
Today Shon isn’t a child anymore, he’s married with two children and every monday night they watch the stars.

The end


I had some trouble thinking about the climax.
I think my story is quite short.
I had fun trying.